D.5 Elicitation and Communication of User Intentions Regarding Privacy and Trust

In the research area D.5, user experience and usability are of central importance. The scientific approach is divided into three main steps. In the first step, appropriate methods will be identified to assess and describe user intentions regarding privacy and trust. In the second step, factors that influence trust in automation (e.g., primarily AlterEgo) will be investigated. In the third step, the research basis for the development of AlterEgo will be elaborated. The main focus is on investigating user needs with regard to the transparency and trustworthiness of the AlterEgo.

Current PhD project of subarea D.5:

Different Perspectives on Privacy: Users`and Website Owners` View

-Alina Stöver-

Research Area D.5 deals with how users' intentions regarding privacy and trust can be identified and communicated. To achieve this goal, a deeper understanding of different user groups (privacy personas) will first be obtained with the help of a systematic literature review. Based on this, the communication of user intentions to an AlterEgo (Privacy Assistant Workshop) will be investigated using quantitative and qualitative methods. The dissertation project takes a multi-perspective approach to end-user privacy in order to show a more holistic picture. Therefore, in the second step, the perspective of privacy responsible actors (using Website Owner as an example) will be investigated. Again, the first aim is to create a deeper understanding of these actors in order to then evaluate a concrete support offering (notifications). By looking at these two perspectives together, we can understand where critical points of contact, common interests, and potential areas of tension lie between the two actors.

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