Applying for an Exchange Programme

To participate in an exchange program you have to apply in a two phase procedure. In the first phase you have to apply at the Department of Computer Science. Then, eventually, you will be nominated for a place of an exchange program. After that, you apply at the partner university directly. Once you have fulfilled all prerequisites (e.g., TOEFL), an application usually is successful.

Note that if you are studying in a study program that extends over multiple departments, detailed information how to apply can be found in the FAQ section.

Applying at the Department of Computer Science

For the first phase of the application procedure you have to apply directly at the Department of Computer Science. To do so, you have to submit your application form in time in the study abroad office hour.

Please note that it is possible and also encouraged to apply for more than one university. But you have to include a motivation letter and a description of the courses you like to participate for each university. Please also give priorities for each university so that we know which one is your first, second etc. choice.

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us in the office hours.

Application forms

Application form of the Office for International Relations & Mobility

Please use your university-mailing address.

  • Bachelor testimony
  • list of all your finished courses (please note that you need a copy from the Examination Office, a simple print of the document shown in TUCaN is not sufficient)
  • personal data sheet
  • a description of the courses you like to participate at the foreign university and a description of how they fit into your studies motivation letter
  • certificate(s) of language proficiency

Please consolidate all documents in the order given above into one loose-leaf binder. Please do not use any crimping nor clear plastic sleeve. Remember to bring your application to the abroad office hour in time.

Application deadline

The deadline for the submission of the application within the next application period is yet not finalized.

Nomination by the Department of Computer Science

By end of June, you will be informed whether you were nominated for an exchange program.

Application at the partner university

After you are nominated you have to apply at the partner university. Your contact person for this phase of your application is the International & External Affairs Office.

At the same time you have to start to request your learning agreement in which all the courses you like to perticipate at the partner university are listed.