Studying Abroad

Science is always driven by research content and is not limited by race, religion, culture or gender. The acquisition of knowledge does not stop at borders. Therefore: Take the chance and go abroad!

Science is always driven by research contents and is not constrained in terms of religion, culture, or gender. Knowledge aquisition does not stop at borders. For these reason, seize the opportunity and go abroad.

Worldwide less than 1% of all students go abroad within the scope of their studies. The Department of Computer Science tries to offer the best premises to integrate a stay abroad in your studies. Let us work together toward increasing the percentage mentioned above.

When can I go abroad?

The optimal time to go abroad depends on your individual study plan. Passed achievements may be transferred to one of the following areas:

  • the elective courses of the Bachelor's programmes
  • the elective courses in our Master's programmes
  • the application subject for the Master's programmes

A thesis cannot be conducted without a professorial supervisor from our department and is therefore not always possible during your semester abroad.

If you are enrolled in the Bachelor's programme, we recommend the last semesters for your exchange.

Current Exchange Opportunities

A list of our current exchange possibilities (opens in new tab)

Information about the exchange possibilities can be found on the website of the International Relations Office.