FAQ Examination Office

FAQ Examination Office

Yes. Since the launch of TUCaN signing up to all your courses is required.

Yes. Signing up for the examinations via TUCaN is required.

The dates and confirmed registrations to the examinations can be looked up via TUCaN.

You can unregister via TUCaN until eight days before the examination takes place without giving reasons. Afterwards unregistering is only possible if you can provide some evidence for health reasons or similar serious reasons. This has to be done in written form via the Examination Office. There are some changes regarding the doctor's notes since the introduction of the new general implementation terms of the TU Darmstadt in the winter term 2012/13. Informations about the changes can be found on the homepage of the Examination Office.

Information about these questions can be found on the homepage of the Examination Office.

The rules for pre-drawn Master's courses are the same as for the regular courses. They have to be registered in the correspondent area in TUCaN.

Informations about registering and submitting your thesis can be found on the homepage of the Examination Office

No these additional courses cannot be found in the report. But you are able to print an official transcript including these additional courses at the Office of Study Programs and Examination.

Instructions and more information can be found on the information pages for students in TUCaN.